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I am interested in subjects that examine the intimacy, particularly the mixture between one’s personal history, inner reflections and instincts, asking myself which the relationship of this personal identity with flesh is.

In some of my projects I try to understand how the infant or the youth defines the grown up he will later be, this is probably why I come back to paint children over and over again. I have always been fascinated with the infinite variants of personal development that an infant has.

The attitude toward topics is very subjective, I use my own body or pictures with me at different ages to get the images I want. People I meet also inspire me,  with their life stories, fears and joys.

I usually use oil on canvas. Few years ago I was trying to achieve as much realism as possible, now it’s more about the feeling you get looking at the painting.  Recently I’ve experienced the need to come out the border frame with the painting/ drawing. This way I feel that my work manage to reveal itself completely on a limitate somehow ephemeral moment and to put a hallmark on the background space.